Factors You Must Consider When Choosing a Pallet Wrapper

A pallet wrapping machine can make quick work of wrapping any item you ship on a pallet so you don't need to worry about additional packaging for your shipment. Pallet wrappers come in a wide variety of styles and offer various features, which is good because you're sure to find the type that will work for you and your shipping needs. However, this also means that you may be overwhelmed with your choices. Note a few factors you must consider when choosing a pallet wrapper.

1. Type of Film Being Stretched

There are various types of film you might use in a pallet wrapper, and typically you will need to first choose the film that you'll use to wrap your packaging before you choose the wrapper. This is because your shipment may need thicker film to protect smaller parts, or you may need a film with less adhesion so that it doesn't pull those small parts off the item you're shipping once the film is removed. However, high-speed wrappers may need a premium grade of film so that the film itself isn't stretched out of shape or torn as it's being wrapped. Films with a high level of adhesion may need to be loaded onto a machine with a slower speed so the film can be easily unrolled as an item is being wrapped without sticking. Be sure you note the compatible film type before you choose any wrapper.

2. Stability of Load

If you ship large, one-piece items such as car engines, the load may be very stable as it's being packed. However, if you ship stacks of dog food or items in slick plastic bags, they may tend to come loose and even fall off the stack as they're being turned to be wrapped. The style of pallet wrapper you choose will vary according to the stability of the load being wrapped; choose a saddle wrapper, where the arm of the wrapper moves around the load, for unstable loads, instead of the turntable wrapper.

3. Speed

You may not need to wrap too many pallets every day right now, but how will your business expand if you can only wrap and ship a few pallets every hour because you picked a very slow wrapping machine? The faster the machine can wrap, the more shipments you can get to delivery trucks. Also note that the speed of wrapping and shipping is affected by how the pallets move from the loading area to the machine; you may want to invest in a wrapper that is integrated into a production line or a conveyor belt so the pallet doesn't need to be moved manually from the line to the wrapping machine.

If you have any questions about pallet wrappers, consider contacting a local supplier, such as W.A. Bag Closing Equipment, for more information.

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