Tips When Installing a Door Opener for Your Garage

A door opener can make your garage a lot more versatile and allow you to enter and exit with more ease. While the door opener is designed to simplify things for you, installing it correctly can be rather complex. This means that before you begin installing a door opener to help operate your garage, it is important for you to be aware of the most helpful tips that are designed to make this process much easier.


Before you can embark on installing the door opener, it is important for you to evaluate a few of the components on your garage door. You need to make sure that these parts are functioning properly to ensure that the door opener will operate effectively as well. You should begin by taking a look at the springs on your door. If you notice that your door makes a noise when it moves up or down, you most likely need to have one or both of the springs replaced. Replacing the springs in your garage door before you install a new garage door opener is always a good idea.

You would also want to test out the balance of the door before you get started. You can test the balance by closing the garage door completely and then pulling the emergency release cord.  Next, you will need to lift it up halfway before letting it go.  The door should not move from its position if it is in balance. If it moves, you will need to adjust the torsion spring before you install a door opener.


One of the biggest difficulties when you are installing a door opener involves setting it up at the top of your garage over the door. You can simplify the process by using a ladder. It is possible to place the door opener on the top of a ladder and then use lumber under the door opener to adjust it to the exact height that you require before you attach it to a mount.


Once you have the opener installed, you can then test out the opening force of the garage door. You can do this by putting your foot over the door when you open it using the device. The pressure that your foot is placing on the door should be enough to keep it from opening. If it still moves, you will need to change the opening force of the door. This is safe as long as you place your foot above the bottom of the door.

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