Some Important Tips for Choosing a Wheelchair Lift for Home

A wheelchair lift in a home can allow someone with limited mobility to stay in that home rather than having to move to an assisted living facility, and it can make it easier on caregivers who would otherwise need to actually carry someone or manually lift a wheelchair up and down stairs or inclines. If you're thinking of adding a wheelchair lift to a home, note a few important tips to remember so you're sure to get the right lift for your needs.

1. Inclined versus vertical: An inclined lift goes up at an angle; this might be a lift you install along a staircase railing. A vertical lift raises straight up and down, like an elevator. To choose between the two, you need to first consider the space requirements. A vertical lift will usually require something of a wide staircase to fit along the railing and it may not leave much room for clearance, such as for a caregiver to walk up the stairs with the wheelchair user. However, while a vertical lift may be placed in the home along a wall versus on a staircase, it may require the installation of a separate pit or even a concrete pad to secure the lift in place. This can add to the cost of the lift and also mean special construction for creating a lift area that doesn't detract from the appearance of your home.

2. Exterior lifts: If you're thinking of installing a lift outside so that the wheelchair user can readily access a front door without having to climb steps, be sure you choose an exterior lift. Interior lifts may be more affordable but this is because they're not typically built to withstand exposure to harsh weather conditions. They may more readily rust, or the control box for the lift may not be sealed properly so as to keep out rain and snow. Always choose an exterior lift for exterior installations even if the cost is higher.

3. Weight limit: It can be tempting to purchase a wheelchair lift that isn't meant to hold much weight, but consider the weight of the wheelchair user along with anything they may be carrying with them up the lift, such as an extra oxygen tank. For added safety, you may also want a caregiver to use the lift with the patient and their weight should be considered as well. As with choosing an exterior lift, don't let price alone be the determining factor in the overall strength and durability of the lift you choose for your home.

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