4 Reasons for Using Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic for Your Water Tanks and Pipes

When buying or installing different fixtures or items in your home, the material used in the making of these fixtures is always a concern. This is because in most cases, the type of material will determine the functionality and durability of the fixture. Everyone needs water in their homes and for this reason, the choice of water tanks and pipework is always of great significance. You can choose metal or plastic for your water tank and pipes. While metal is an excellent choice in terms of durability, plastic is an equally better choice, especially with the advancements in plastic fabrication. Plastic fabrication is a technique that involves the manipulation of plastic into various forms, designs, and other end materials. Fibreglass reinforced plastic is among these results, so find out why it is a good material for your tanks and pipework. 


Fibreglass reinforced plastic is highly flexible because the plastic component can be moulded into a wide range of configurations to suit your needs. For piping purposes for instance, fibreglass reinforced glass can be made into a wide range of flanges, elbows, and transitions.

Corrosion Resistance

When compared to steel and other metals, fibreglass reinforced plastic delivers a superior performance when it comes to corrosion resistance. This is very important for ionised water applications in your tanks and piping or plumbing system. With metals, reactions with water can lead to formation of rust and build-up of rouging residue. Most fabricated plastic tanks are chemically inert, which eliminates any chances of corrosion as well as rouging, and this is essential for the service life of the tank and pipes.


Fibreglass reinforced plastic is a very strong material. The combination of fibreglass, plastic, and other materials during the fabrication process gives it immense strength properties. A strong material means a long lasting tank and durable pipes that can withstand pressure or stress.


Plastic usually has weight advantages over metals. The weight-to-strength ratio of fibreglass-reinforced plastic is low, which means the material weighs much less than steel or aluminium. This lightweight feature comes in handy when handling the material during transportation and installation. For instance, it would be much easier to install or lift a fibreglass fabricated plastic tank onto your rooftop than it would be lifting a steel or aluminium tank of the same capacity.

Installing something that can be handled easily usually translates to reduced installation time, which in turn results in low costs of installation.

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