Interior Sliding Doors: Three Frame Material Options to Consider

If you are thinking about improving your interior space, consider the benefits of fitting in some sliding doors. These features are ideal for partitioning different sections of the house without using extra space. Moreover, the doors are usually fitted with glass panels, so they will not affect the aesthetics of your home unfavourably. If you decide to purchase these doors, it is critical to consider numerous factors to ensure that the perfect sliding door is selected. One of these crucial aspects is the framing material for the door. This will affect the integrity of the entire feature, the total cost and even the long-term maintenance needs. Here are the advantageous frame materials that you should evaluate before buying your sliding door.


You should consider timber frames for your interior sliding doors due to its authentic visual appeal. The material has a unique warm appearance which can complement both contemporary and traditional homes. Wood frames are quite durable, and they are not prone to distortion or warping over time due to varying temperatures. On the other hand, you should remember that timber is porous and can be damaged by high humidity. Therefore, if you will install the sliding doors in areas with high moisture levels, like kitchens, ensure that the surface is well-sealed for the best long-term performance.


Fibreglass is an appropriate alternative to timber in the fabrication of interior sliding doors. Basically, the door frames are constructed using polymers; these are strengthened by incorporating glass fibres for improved strength and better visual impact. This type of product will not require maintenance processes, such as sealing, because the structure is not porous. In addition, fibreglass is a lightweight material that is easy to install and operate. Unfortunately, fibreglass can become damaged under harsh temperatures due to stress. Therefore, you should always research the market for consumer responses on different brands before purchase.


The popularity of aluminium in the manufacturing of sliding doors can be attributed to the durability of the material. The metal is considerably strong and cannot be damaged by exposure to water or varying temperatures. Aluminium is also lightweight, so you can install the product easily and quickly in your residential space. Additionally, the frames can be powder-coated using finishing products in different colours to suit your home design. On the other hand, you should note that aluminium is prone to distortion when subjected to physical stress. Therefore, you should ensure that the frames will not be subjected to any weight before and after installation. 

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