Home Construction: Choosing the Ideal Plastic Sheeting Material

When building your new home or performing major renovations, you should think about incorporating plastic sheets into the structure. These materials can be installed instead of the standard glass or even metal sheeting. This choice is favourable because plastic is relatively inexpensive compared to the aforementioned alternatives. Moreover, plastic is lightweight and easier to handle during the installation process. Here is a short description of common plastic sheeting materials and their potential uses in your home.

Acrylic Glass

Acrylic glass is scientifically known as polymethyl methacrylate, but it is marketed under various brand names by suppliers and manufacturers. The material is a hardwearing, transparent plastic which can withstand mechanical stress. It is an ideal to regular glass in home construction projects because it is resistant to shattering. In addition, the plastic is easier to cut to size and even move around during installation. You should consider installing acrylic sheets as skylights, building window panes and kitchen splashbacks.


Polycarbonate sheets are manufactured from special plastics that have carbonates in their structure. The combination of the polymer and carbonate creates a material that is strong and durable. This material will resist damage from sudden impact and eventual stress. Moreover, the sheets are clear and have high transparency during their service life. You can choose polycarbonate sheets for your home glazing applications, dome light manufacture and even for reinforcing a noise barrier in your home. Unfortunately, polycarbonate is an expensive choice because of its toughness.


Polyethylene is the probably the most commonly used plastic in the global market. The material is favourable for home construction sheets because the cost of purchase is low, and there are diverse variants to select for your potential applications. For example, you can choose between low-density and high-density polyethylene, depending on the level of strength you require. Additionally, the material has good impact strength and is ductile, so it can withstand pressure without deformation. Polyethylene sheets are ideal for use in home construction as barriers such as vapour retarding structures.

Polyvinyl Chloride

Polyvinyl chloride is a popular plastic in the production of construction sheets because the material has excellent corrosion resistant properties. Also, PVC is also strong and not prone to damage by relatively high levels of mechanical stress. The potential uses of PVC plastic sheeting in the home are diverse. These include manufacture of ceiling tiles, flexible flooring, interior cladding and even wall coverings. You can cut the project costs by choosing this material over timber, sheet metal and standard tiles.

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