What to Remember When Choosing Custom Made Boxes for Your Products

Custom made boxes are a great choice for any company that wants to ensure that its brand or logo are seen by customers as often as possible; shipping items in custom boxes rather than generic cardboard boxes can give you a chance to get your company name and trademark, website address, and other information in front of customers even after they've bought your product. Before you do have custom made boxes created for your company and your products, note a few factors to remember so you're sure to get the best product overall.

1. Weight and shipping

You'll need custom boxes that are strong enough to hold your item securely during shipping; if you sell items like glass mugs or vases, your boxes will need to be made with several layers of cardboard to keep them secure. However, the heavier the box, the more shipping cost this will add. Most custom made box creators can tell you the actual weight of the box before it's made, so add this to a standard shipment and note if you need to adjust your shipping charges accordingly.

2. Presentation

Your custom boxes may be part of what recipients see when they're given a gift, so you need to think about its presentation. Consider how your business name and logo will be easily seen on the box without making it appear cluttered and crowded. You might have the name and logo in one corner instead of emblazoned across the front. Have your address, customer service phone number, and website address on the side of the box, so it's still visible and available but doesn't interfere with the gift itself. Your customers may appreciate this type of presentation and won't be as likely to transfer the gift item to a plain box, tossing yours out, when you make your custom box seem more presentable.

3. Make it personal while still durable

When having custom boxes created, make them personal by choosing a style that is your own. This can mean a box that folds to close rather than comes in two separate pieces, a box with a top that has rounded sides, a box that slides out like a drawer, and so on. However, make sure your design is still durable. If you choose a box that folds up from one piece, note if the bottom will be strong enough to hold your items. Those rounded sides of the top should still cover the entire box so it closes properly. Don't sacrifice function for a pretty box, as your customers still want their items to arrive safely no matter how it's shipped.

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