The Pros and Cons of Different Wire Mesh Surface Finishes

Are you wondering about which finish on a wire mesh fencing material would be the best if you want to install a fence to keep out wild animals from your home? Read on and discover some of the pros and cons of some finishes of mesh fencing materials. Use this information to choose the most appropriate mesh finish for your fencing material.

Galvanised Before Welding or Weaving

Galvanisation refers to the process of dipping a metal in a container of molten zinc so that the zinc forms a protective layer on the metal that has been dipped into it. This protective layer keeps rust and corrosion at bay. Some metal meshes are galvanised before they are welded or woven. The meshes that are galvanised before they are welded are the most vulnerable to corrosion because the welding process removes the zinc layer from the welded joints. This allows moisture to trigger corrosion from that exposed section of the mesh. The weaving process may also cause some of the protective layer to wear off, leaving the metal underneath exposed to corrosion-causing materials like salty water. The only advantage of meshes that are galvanised before they are welded is that the fencing materials are relatively affordable.

Galvanised After Welding or Weaving

Some metal meshes are galvanised once the material has been welded or woven. This galvanization process creates a uniform protective layer on all parts of the metal. Consequently, the material will have a high degree of protection from corrosion since the protection was initiated after all other manufacturing processes were completed. The downside of galvanised after welding or weaving fencing meshes is that they are usually very expensive.

Vinyl Coating

Vinyl coating refers to the process of placing a layer of PVC or polyester on the metal mesh after it has been welded or woven to protect the metal from corrosion. This process allows the manufacturer to make fencing materials in a variety of colours. However, the quality of vinyl coating may vary from one manufacturer to another. Some inferior coatings can be peeled off from the wires easily. This can make the fence susceptible to corrosion once animals scratch that coating off the metal.

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

Stainless steel mesh is resistant to corrosion and rust. These attributes make it the material of choice for people who want to install fences in areas with salty water, such as coastal areas. Stainless steel is very durable and cost effective due to its minimal maintenance needs. However, this wire mesh is also very expensive to buy. The stainless steel mesh doesn't score highly in terms of aesthetics because of its plain appearance.

As you can see, each finish has its own pros and cons. Talk to a wire mesh professional for more technical help in choosing the most appropriate wire mesh for your residential needs.

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