Equipment You Need To Hire When You Want To Demolish a Concrete Building

Sometimes, you have to bring down existing structures to set up new ones, improve them or change the purpose of the land completely. Demolition requires a lot of care and attention to all the details of a building to ensure the safety of those who are doing the work or occupying the buildings nearby. This requires specialised equipment that you may not have, meaning that you have to hire them. If you are looking to bring down a storey building, here are some of the equipment that you will pay for:

Hydraulic Breakers

Concrete requires strong hammering to bring it down. You can achieve this by using a hydraulic breaker. Essentially, hydraulic breakers are large percussion hammers fitted to a crawler, usually an excavator. The crawler powers the hammer through a hydraulic system controlled by gear levels in the crawler's deck. By drawing power from the crawler, the hydraulic breakers generates enough force to hit and break down a strong concrete structure together with the building's structural steel.

Wrecking Ball

For a very tall storey building, it is hard for an excavator to propel a hydraulic breaker all the way to the top floors. In such a scenario, you need a wrecking ball. It is a heavy, metallic ball swung on a sturdy cable by a crane. The swing generates enough force to hit and crush concrete structures. A wrecking ball is effective when dealing with roof structures that would take too long to bring down using other methods.

On the downside, there is an elevated risk of losing control of the wrecking ball unlike most of the other demolition equipment. They are also ideal for places where buildings aren't crowded so that there is adequate space for the crane to launch and propel the wrecking ball.

Elevated Work Platforms

If you want to carry out the demolition on a certain floor or section of the building, you will need elevated work platforms. They are large cages fitted on hydraulic pistons that lift the cages to different heights, moving both personnel and equipment. They have different capabilities to make work easy. For instance, some have extensible cages to provide more working space. You can use them to carry machines such as bulldozers for top floor demolitions.

Skip Bins

When all the demolition work is done, you need a reliable plan to get rid of the concrete rubble. Hiring a skip bin is a good way to do this because trash professionals know the best way of disposing the rubble.

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