What to Remember When Choosing Rapid Roll Doors for Your Facility

Rapid roll doors can reduce bottlenecks at your facility, quickly allowing in forklifts and other such vehicles while still protecting the indoor temperature and security of your location. Like other entryway doors, rapid roll doors are not all alike, which is why you want to ensure you choose the right door for your location and one that works for your needs in particular. Note a few factors to remember when you're in the market for a rapid roll door for a warehouse, production shop and the like.

1. Impact resistance

Even the most experienced forklift driver will occasionally run into an obstacle, and if they're expecting a door to open more quickly than it does, this can increase the likelihood of an impact. You might also see more impacts in very crowded facilities where forklifts may not have much space to turn or manoeuvre. Exterior doors may also suffer more impacts from errant drivers who pull in too closely to the door itself. Consider if you need some solid impact resistance for your rapid roll doors; many are made of lightweight aluminum so they can roll more quickly, but this might mean more dents and dings over time. An impact-resistant plastic or fabric may be a better option for you.

2. Heating system

Freezer doors may need a heating system, especially at the bottom. This may sound confusing, but note that your rapid roll freezer door may develop ice buildup and the heating system can keep it defrosted, just like an automatic defrosting setting for your freezer at home. For freezer or cooler doors that you don't open and close very often, this risk of ice buildup may be greater; look for one with a built-in heating system or other defrosting mechanism to keep the door in good repair and to keep ice from forming.

3. Ease of cleaning

If your door will be used for a freezer or a cool room where you store biological materials, you probably need to follow certain legal guidelines for cleaning the door and all its components. It's good to choose a door that is easy to dismantle and take off its track so you can clean the track itself. It's also good to choose a door which will resist damage from harsh cleansers that may be needed for such applications. Certain fabrics may break down if you clean them with bleach or other such cleansers, so ensure you choose a food-grade plastic material for any door used for food storage, storage of medicinal products and the like.

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