Reasons to Consider Powder Coating over Conventional Painting

Powder coating is a surface finish that is also commonly known as dry painting. It is typically used as a technique to apply a protective coating onto an array of materials and is made up of resin and pigments. These compounds are statically charged before spraying them onto your desired surface. The electrically charged particles in the powder coating then affix themselves onto the surface uniformly. This provides a much more even finish when compared to other finishing products such as conventional paint. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider powder coating over conventional painting. 

Powder coating is more durable than conventional paint

If you are looking for a finish that is long lasting, powder coating would be ideal for your needs. Once the powder costing has cured on the surface, it is difficult to get it off. This makes it suitable for items that require regular handling since the powder coating will not chip and crack over time. It is also a suitable alternative for items that will be constantly exposed to the elements as powder coated finishes are weather resistant. 

Paint, on the other hand, has a propensity to chip and peel as it ages. This deterioration of paint becomes compounded when it is exposed to rough handling and varying weather elements. As such, conventionally painted surfaces will always require repainting to keep them in pristine condition. With powder coating, you do not have to worry about regularly maintaining the coating as it is durable and long lasting. 

Powder coating is an ecofriendly alternative

Another reason why you should consider powder coating for your finishing needs is its ecofriendly properties. One thing to note about powder coating is that it does not contain any VOCs. VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds, and these are typically present in conventional wet paint. When the VOCs are releases into the atmosphere, they contribute to environmental degradation in the form of air pollution. VOCs have also been known to deplete the ozone layer when released into the environment in large quantities. 

Powder coating, on the other hand, does not require the use of thinners and other chemicals to create an even constancy. Therefore, it is a more environmentally friendly option. Additionally, any overspray that remains from the powder coating process can easily be recycled or eliminated without resorting to chemically treating the powder coating. This translates into less waste when using powder coating as compared to using conventional wet paint. 

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