3 Reasons to Use Wooden Suppliers for Tiny Home Construction

One of the main materials you will use when you construct your tiny home is wood. You can buy wood from local hardware and home improvement stores. However, there could be several issues with this wood because of the size and scope of tiny home projects specifically. If you are trying to build your tiny home, you may want to consider using wooden suppliers directly. Here are three reasons to use wooden suppliers for your tiny home construction.

Special Order Wood

You may have decided to go with a wood that is specific for your tiny home needs. For example, you may want a wood that can hold up better in cold weather conditions than a wood that is more suitable for tropical climates. You may also want to have a wood that is lightweight but has a nice finish and is easy to seal so it can be used for walls as well as floors and counters. Depending on your location, these specifications could lead to needing a particular type of wood that is special ordered. You can do this through wooden suppliers easily and have it cut to fit if needed.

Recycled Options

Wooden suppliers will often have extra wood or recycled wood from pallet projects or from orders that were unpaid or not completed. You can gain the advantage of this by having access to these orders. This can reduce your price on your final wood costs. It can also help you if you have projects on your tiny home that are better suited for recycled options like wood pallets. For example, you can use wood pallets as drainage assistance in the bathroom area or as shutters on the windows during travel.

Accessories and Hardware

Many wooden suppliers will offer more than just wood. They will also offer the hardware and accessories you need for your tiny home. For example, you can order the wood you need directly and also order the hinges you need for shutters or the industrial hardware for doors and cabinets. If you have specific accessories or hardware needs, contact your wooden supplier. Let them know your plans and they can help you with the right industrial hardware for the job.

If you are ready to move forward with your building project, consider contacting your local wood suppliers. They can help with specialty wood ordering, cutting and pricing questions. They can also help you with delivery of larger wood orders as well.

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