Tips for Purchasing an Industrial Belt Pulley System

You might need to purchase a belt pulley system for your industrial business. You may need to do this so that you can replace a faulty belt pulley system somewhere in your facility. You might be installing a conveyor belt system, and if so, you'll need an industrial pulley belt system to operate it. When purchasing a pulley belt system, you'll need to follow some basic advice so you can end up with the right system. Luckily, it'll be easier than you think for these reasons and more.

Make Sure You Don't Measure a Stretched Belt

If you're replacing an existing belt pulley system, you might have had the idea to measure your old belt. After all, this might seem like a simple and easy way to find out what size belt and system you need. However, you do have to be careful about this. In some cases, older belts are worn out, and in many cases, they are stretched. If you measure a stretched belt, then you might end up buying a belt that is longer than what you need.

Think About the Conditions the System Will Be Exposed To

You'll certainly need to think about the conditions that your industrial belt pulley system will be exposed to. For example, if the belt that is used in your pulley system is going to be used in a wet environment, you'll need to avoid certain types of belts, such as fibreglass belts. Even though fibreglass belts can be exposed to occasional moisture without it being too big of a problem, they aren't a good fit in overly wet environments. Instead, you may want to go with an option like rubber. You should also consider things like temperature ranges and chemicals that your belt and pulley system will be exposed to.

Be Aware of What Impacts Pricing

There are a couple of things that impact pricing when you're buying an industrial belt pulley system. Metal pulley systems are more expensive but are also more durable. Plastic pulley systems can save you some money, but they aren't ideal for heavy-duty applications. You can look into hybrid systems, such as plastic pulleys that feature metal inserts, if you'd like to keep costs down while still investing in a durable pulley system. The size of the pulley system, the length and type of belt, and some other factors will impact the pricing of the system as well.

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